Standard of the Russian Black Terrier (FCI number 327)

Black terriers are tall dogs with massive bones and muscles. Their skin is tight without folds or sags. The dogs of this breed are protective, suspicious of strangers, and easily adaptable to different climatic conditions. They are easily taught.

Constitution type.

Solid and rough. Shortcomings: Some lightness and looseness of composition, an insufficiently developed muscle system.

Format index.

-100-105. Shortcomings: Format extension (more than 108).

Height at the withers.

For male dogs - 66-72 cm, for female dogs - 64-70 cm. Shortcomings: Insufficiently tall legs or stockiness. Height of less than 65 cm for male dogs and less than 63 cm for female dogs. Defects: high backside, low front, height of less than 65 cm for male dogs and less than 63 cm for female dogs.

Peculiarities of behavior.

Balanced strong type of nervous system. The dog is easily excitable, and has an active defensive reaction. Shortcomings: timidness or excessive excitability, and mellowness.


Sexual attributes are well defined, appropriate to the sex. Male dogs are larger, heavier and more aggressive compared to female dogs. Shortcomings: Some deviation from the sex type. Defects: Serious deviation from the sex type. One-side or double-side cryptorchism. Underdeveloped testis. Male dogs of female type.


The long-haired dogs' hair is rough and thick, closely set. Fragile hairs of 4-10 cm in length cover the whole body of the dog. Longer hair on the neck and withers forms a mane. The frontal extremities up to the elbows and the back thighs are well protected with long rough hair. Decorative hair is well developed. On the upper lip it forms a well defined rough whiskers, and on the lower lip - the beard of the same type. Above the eyes the dog has rough "eyebrows." The down is thick and well developed. Hair roots are straight, rough, closely set and thick. Shortcomings: straight hair with no cracks, wavy or soft hair exceeding 10 cm in length. Insufficient hair on the head or the feet, curly hair. Defects: Long hanging hair of more than 15 cm in length. Absence of hair on the head or the legs, as well as absence of whiskers, brows or beard.


Black, black with gray. Shortcomings: brownish or grayish color, a little white spot on the chest. Defects: brown or gray color, dapples, white spots on the chin, head,neck,or legs.


Long, relatively broad at the skull, with rounded cheekbones. The forehead is flat, the slope from the forehead onto the muzzle is noticeable yet even. The forehead and muzzle lines are parallel The muzzle is massive, slightly narrowing in the direction of the nose, a little shorter than the skull in length. The whiskers and the beard make the muzzle appear blunt and rectangular. The lips are thick and fleshy, the upper lip adheres tightly to the upper jaw with no folds. Shortcomings: A light head, protruding forehead, an unnoticeable or overly obvious transition between the forehead and the muzzle, high cheekbones, gray lips. Defects: A rough, heavy or light head. Spherical head. Short, snub, or sharp muzzle.


The ears are positioned high, hanging down from cartilages, relatively small, triangular, with frontal edges adjoining the cheek bones. Shortcomings: Low set, long, wrinkled ears not fitting tight to the head. Defects. Limp ears held up by the cartilages.

Relatively small, oval shaped, squinted and dark. Shortcomings: Large or insufficiently dark eyes, cataracts, visible third lid or sagging lids. Defects: Light or differently colored eyes.


The teeth are large, white in color, located compactly. Incisors form a straight line at the base with a scissors-type occlusion. Shortcomings: teeth worn off inappropriately for the dog's age, broken teeth when such broken teeth do not prevent from examining the occlusion, yellowish teeth. Defects: Small teeth, gaps between teeth, the incisors not lined up, any deviations from the scissors-like occlusion, absence of one of the teeth.


Long, massive, dry, at 40-45% to the back line. Shortcomings: Short, loaded, sagging, low-set neck.


Broad, deep, with slightly protruding ribs. The lower part of the chest is on one line with the elbows and a little lower. Shortcomings: The insufficiently broad chest, the chest not reaching down to the elbows, flat ribs. Defects: Barrel-shaped, excessively wide, small, flat or narrow chest.


Tightened up to the chest line. Shortcomings: Sagging or excessively tight stomach.


High, distinctly different from the spine line. Shortcomings: Low, or indistinct withers.


Straight, wide, with strong muscles. Shortcomings: soft, narrow back with underdeveloped muscles.


Short, broad, with developed muscles, slightly protruding. Shortcomings: sufficiently protruding loin.Long, not Defects: Sagging, narrow or humped loin.


Broad, slightly sloping toward a high-set tail, with well developed muscles. Shortcomings: Horizontal and slanted croup, weak muscles. Defects: Abruptly sloping and narrow croup.


High set, thick, shortly cut tail (with 3-4 vertebrae left). Defects: Uncut tail.

Frontal extremities.

Straight and parallel when viewed from up front. The angle of shoulder blade junction is approximately 110 degrees. The elbows straight backward. The forelegs are straight, thick, with short straight toes. Shortcomings: Too straight shoulders, slightly turned elbows (inside or outside), softer toes, broadly set or clumsy legs. Defects: Straight shoulders, significantly turned elbows, crooked forelegs, soft toes.

Back extremities.

Straight and parallel when viewed from the back, set a little broader than the frontal ones. The thighs are broad, with well developed muscles. Leaping joints are dry and well established. Toes are massive, long, almost vertically positioned. Shortcomings: Underdeveloped muscles, short shins, close or inverted position of leaping joints, slightly flat back or rough edges, fifth toe. Defects: Same as above, more obvious, high croup, flat back or extremely sharp edges.

Paws (front and back).

Large, round with retractable claws. Shortcomings: loose paws. Defects: flat or overly loose paws.


Free, flowing, light. Characteristic is a short trot or a gallop. When trotting, the dog's legs move in a straight line, with the frontal extremities approaching the middle line, the back and the loin are springy and elastic. Shortcomings: Some deviation from the straight movement of the extremities, insufficient flexing of frontal or back extremities joints. Defects: tied up, heavy movement. Slanted movement of the back (the dog runs in a slanted line). Excessive croup side movements, sidleness, amble. Disqualifying defects: All deviations from the scissors-type occlusion, cryptorchism on either or both sides, underdeveloped testis, skewbald or grew hair color, white paws, dapples, absence of one of the third or one of the fourth premolars, or one of the molars.